AUTOTERM warranty liabilities

  • The warranty period is two years or 1000 operating hours for air heaters or 500 operating hours for engine preheaters.
  • The installer should be authorized by the manufacturer.
  • The manufacturer guarantees that the product shall operate normally, in conformity with the technical specification if it installed and used in accordance with the operating manual.

What is not covered by the warranty

  • Force majeure: lightning strike, fire, flood, voltage fluctuations, accident.
  • Improper operation, storage and transport.
  • Improper installation, repair or maintenance, if they are carried out by individuals or organizations that are not authorized by the manufacturer
  • Failure of the heater due to combustion chamber impurity
  • Disruption of the vehicle’s electrical system
  • Use of non-genuine parts or repaired by unauthorized personnel

Please note that the warranty is in relation to the product supplied, not the installation.

If the heater is not installed by an authorized AUTOTERM service center or by an independent installation, for obtaining a warranty, you must contact one of the authorized service centers authorized by AUTOTERM for installation and warranty repair to confirm the installation. In this case, a note is made in the warranty card (a service center may charge a fee for this service).

Technical support

Producer, ADVERS company pays special attention to improving the quality of manufactured products, developing high-quality provision of installation services, service and maintenance. The quality of the products is provided by a certified quality management system that meets the requirements of international quality standards ISO 9001: 2008, ISO / TS 16949: 2009. Our products use unique patented burners of our own design, adapted for Russian fuel and harsh operating conditions up to -45 degrees Celsius.

Just as important factor is the availability of an extensive dealer network throughout Russia, CIS countries, Europe, North America, Arentina and South Korea. Our entire dealer network provides a full range of services for sales, installation, warranty and post-warranty service. All dealer centers have the necessary equipment to restore and verify the operability of the product as soon as possible.

We appreciate every consumer of our products, so we are working to improve the quality of products and try to open Service Centers in the widest possible range and get closer to the consumer.

Our specialists are ready to answer all questions related to the operation of our products, and also within a few hours 24/7 to answer any technical questions regarding our products: +371 25529999, e-mail:


Feel free to ask your questions using our contact form.


Difference between Export and Non-Export products

A lot of people are trying to find the best solutions in their life and we appreciate it. For them we are making and selling Autoterm heaters, that, as we are sure, are the best price and quality ratio. But some people try to find the cheapest solution without thinking about the consequences, buying heaters on trading floors on the Internet such Ebay, AliExpress etc. as well as with some unknown sellers. That is why we would like to draw the attention of all our present and future friends, partners and buyers to why it is not worth buying an Autoterm heater from an informal seller. In this cas...


Kristiansand Båtmesse 27.05-28.05, Norway - Participation successful

Autoterm company has successfully participated at Kristiansand Båtmesse boat exhibition with official dealer Servitek. Exhibition was opened 2 days, and we are glad that we were there. We appreciate everyone who had questions for us or our dealer Servitek. Bout and yacht enthusiasts were here too. We appreciate the attention that we received from customers and enthusiasts. First day was sunny and our product line for exhaust adapters were shining in the sun. Second day wasn't so sunny, so we turned on our PLANAR airheaters and forgot about the chilly weather. Overall this was an exhibition tha...


Software Update for OLED PU-27 control panel- suitable now with PLANAR air heaters !

We would like to announce that the manufacturer developed and launched new software for the OLED PU-27 control panel (assy.3600), which allows now to use it not only to the engine preheaters but also air heaters PLANAR. The version of software and compatibility with PLANAR heatrs is possible check in the control panel Options. Old software version New software version To connect the OLED PU-27 control panel to engine preheater 14TCmini you need to order the wire-adapter (assy.3795) additionaly.


Important! New box size for PLANAR 44D

Important information for all our dealers and customers! We are changing package size for our air heaters AUTOTERM PLANAR 44D. Now air heaters PLANAR 44D package size will be - 49x37x32 centimetres. We have made packaging of PLANAR 44D a bit bigger, but at the same time more safe for transportation and user-friendly. This type of packaging will be released realy soon worldwide. Here's a comparison photo of the package size till this moment and new package. Also a little insight pictures of how everything will be in the package. (On the left: New / On the right: Old)


ABENTEUER & ALLRAD 15.06-18.06, Germany

ABENTEUER & ALLRAD 2017, dont miss this outdoor exhibition. Jeeps, campers, fresh air and of course Autoterm products presented by product dealer Tigerexped. This will not be a borring show. Exhibition has planned a lot so everyone will have fun. From massive jeeps to accesories, test drives and more. Dont miss it. Find our products from Tigerexped. They will be ready and waiting for you. Don't miss this worlds largest cross-country Expo. Place: Kapellenstr. 11 D-97688 Bad Kissingen Country: Germany Visit for info.


Kristiansand Båtmesse 27.05-28.05, Norway

Kristiansand Båtmesse exhibition in Norway is just around the corner. Come to see Autoterm products at this boat show. Our products will show and demonstrate our dealer Servitek. Dont be shy and go to Servitek to ask questions about our heaters. Servitek team and Autoterm products will be waiting for you. Enjoy the Show. Visit for more info. -


Autoterm exhibition and more at Boot , Düsseldorf, Germany

Autoterm company has successfully participated at the Boot exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany. We would like to thank all of our partners, customers and visitors and of course exhibitions support team for the attention, help and feedback we received! "Boot Düsseldorf" was a spectacular event for our company and for exhibitions visitors. Exhibition gave us a stunning glance in to the future, but mainly for what is happening right now in the present. From our heater products to boats, accesories, tourism and more. Thank you all for this opportunity!


Autoterm at the Boot & Fun exhibition in Berlin, Germany

Autoterm company just finished successfull participation on the Boot & Fun amazing exhibition in Berlin, Germany. It was very nice experience in very good organised exhibition. We would like to thanks to the exhibitor team, that worked hard to get maximum fun to exhibitors and visitors, to our neighbours Autoterm company returned from a remarkable exhibition Boot & Fun in Berlin, Germany. It was a wonderful, varied and very, very interesting exhibition which wants to return. The exhibition was organized on the magnificent level, for which a special thank you to the exhibition team! I would als...


Autoterm at the exhibition in Lodz, Poland

Autoterm company has successfully participated at the Boat show in Lodz, Poland. We would like to thanks all of our partners, customers and visitors for the attention, help and feedback we received!


Upcoming exhibition at Łodz

Come to see us on 11-13 November 2016, at Politechniki 4 str., Lodz, Poland.