Difference between Export and Non-Export products

A lot of people are trying to find the best solutions in their life and we appreciate it. For them we are making and selling Autoterm heaters, that, as we are sure, are the best price and quality ratio. But some people try to find the cheapest solution without thinking about the consequences, buying heaters on trading floors on the Internet such Ebay, AliExpress etc. as well as with some unknown sellers.

That is why we would like to draw the attention of all our present and future friends, partners and buyers to why it is not worth buying an Autoterm heater from an informal seller. In this case, it is possible to purchase heaters produced for the markets of Russia and the CIS countries, which differ from the export options.

One of the advantages of the Autoterm provided service is a quick common European guarantee, you can apply with a guarantee case to any official partner, regardless of where you purchased the heater and can quickly and successfully solve any problems. Also, the configuration of the heaters differs. For the export market heaters are offered in an different, more secure package (about this we wrote here), with different software, German fuel pumps, advanced overheating sensors, other heat insulation and other small changes.

The difference of packages you can see on the picture bellow (Left side - Europe / Right side – Russia and CIS countries). For export air heaters PLANAR come with markings "TM" in model name or "P-xxxx" (xxxx - numbers).

If you somehow get a hold of our products and they do not have export markings, warranty is not valid. Warranty is only valid for officially certified export models. Also with the unofficially acquired heaters, there may be problems in passing a vehicle inspection. Be carefull if you get a hold of our products trougth internet purchase from sellers that sell heaters with marking that are only for selling in Russia and CIS countries.

With official partner list you can familiarize in the Partner section on our web page.



New modem SIMCOM software

Modem SIMCOM software has been updated from version to Modem SIMCOM updated software includes bug fix on “time limit” function, not turning off a heater after deselection in Autoterm Control application (Android & iOS). Issue has been fixed and now heaters can work for a set time period in “time limit” function or unlimited time if the “time limit” function has not been chosen. For upgrading modem SIMCOM software we kindly invite you to turn to your supplier of Autoterm production.


Protrailer at IFRE-EXPO exhibition

Our distributor in Poland, Protrailer company from June 7 to 9 participated in the largest exhibition of fire equipment IFRE-EXPO, which was presented as a different fire and special equipment and, of course, Autoterm heaters. In the course of the exhibition we received numerous positive feedback from our customers, and also acquired new ones. The interest in the products of Autoterm was great, for which we thank our partners and hopefully future customers.


Certification at VBD Services B.V.

Autoterm company in cooperation with the distributor in the Netherlands - the company VBD Services B.V. June 6, 2018, held a technical training for our partners. We would like to thank VBD Services B.V. and all those who attended the seminar for their responsiveness, asked interesting questions and received feedback from them about our products. We want to note that the most important priority for us is the quality of Autoterm products, therefore it is very important for us to receive feedback directly from professionals working with our products. Companies that received certification in Nethe...


Certification at Veno Heating Systems

On 5th of june, official distibutor company Veno Heating Systems and Autoterm carried out certification seminar for new service center partners and existing partners in Netherlands. We want to thank our partner Veno Heating Systems team for effort and well thought out seminar. Autoterm also appreciates all participants desire to learn about our products, starting from theory session till practical repair training. Companies that received certification in Netherlands: De Wit Schijndel Dekker watersport Electrostart B.V. Modus Marine Jachtservice Zeeland


Service Center Certification

Last month, in close cooperation with our partners PF Jones (United Kingdom), Planar heaters UK (United Kingdom), Cool4U (Hungary), Protrailer (Poland) we conducted numerous seminars for training and certification of our service centers. We want to thank our partners for organizing the training and supporting our production. Many thanks also to all participants for their interest in cooperation, interesting discussions and contribution to the development of our products! One of the last trainings where held in Poland in close cooperation with our distributor company Protrailer on 23 and 24 May...



Company Tigerexped with Autoterm technical service support, will participate in one of the worlds largest cross-country exhibitions - ABENTEUER & ALLRAD 2018. This large open-air exhibition will take place in Bad Kissingen, Germany from 31.05. - 03.06.2018. Tigerexped and Autoterm team will be waiting for you. You can find Autoterm products from Tigerexped in stand: Z81.


Marine Varmer at Kristiansand Båtmesse

Our new partner, Marine Varmer participated at Kristiansand Båtmesse, the outdoor boat exhibition in Kristiansand guest harbour in Norway. Marine Varmer team not only promoted Autoterm products, but also answered technical questions about installation possibilities on boats, yachts, cars, campers and possible use of the equipment on the premises. Marine Varmer contact details: Phone: +47 815 030 80 E-mail: shop@marine-varmer.no Website: www.marine-varmer.no


New diagnostics software - Autoterm Test

Autoterm company would like to let you know you about release of new diagnostic software Autoterm test. Autoterm test currently with release version 1.6 will be accessible in English and Russian language at the moment. Autoterm test version 1.6 is designed for testing of PLANAR, BINAR heaters and its components. At the moment version 1.6 does not support testing of pre-heater 14TC-MINI, in next version that is expected in mid-May, 2018 the newly produced software will have a 14TC-MINI added for detailed diagnostics. List of heaters modifications that are compatible with Autoterm test diagn...


Technical training in Germany

On 7th of April a technical training conducted by Autoterm in close co-operation with the local distributor Tigerexped took place in Hotel "Schwarzer Adler" GmbH, Dusseldorf, Germany. This course was devoted to train new and existing service specialists from Germany, Holland, Austria and Switzerland about working principles of the autonomous heaters. Program for technical training day included product overview, heater installation, firmware reprogramming, error code troubleshooting, maintenance of the heaters and much more. All companies and their specialists who participated in technical trai...


Autoterm participated in Boot Düsseldorf 2018

AUTOTERM participated in the biggest trade fair dedicated to the boat and water sports industry - Boot Düsseldorf 2018, which was held in Düsseldorf, Germany on the 20th until the 28th of January 2018. This year once again, AUTOTERM, is making it's presence felt in the sector's largest trade fairs worldwide, showcasing it's reliably designed products as well as promoting brand name and securing a larger share of the international market. Visitors were able to view products and get detailed answers to various technical questions. There was also the opportunity to see the latest product - the 8k...