Engine preheater BINAR-5S-TM 12V (Petrol)

Price: 655.00 €

BINAR 5S is the new engine pre-heater with 5KW power and designed for engines with capacity up to 4 litres. BINAR 5S has expanded possibilities of operation in the pre-heater mode, and in auxiliary mode. The advantages of BINAR 5S are:
- Compact size (smaller size in comparison with other models);
- The choice of installation options;
- Exclusion of a cold start, which in turn extends the life of the engine;
- Guaranteed engine start at low temperatures (up to -45C);
- Auxiliary function;
- Control with the remote-timer (supplied);

- Complete installation kit composed of a heater;
- The ability to connect a GSM modem instead of or in conjunction with remote control-timer;

- The ability to control the remote alarm in the presence of a free channel on its communication; 

- Control by voice calls or through the mobile app for iOS and Android (via modem, supplied separately);
- Control via the SMS - commands (via modem, supplied separately);
- The reasonable price and high quality;
- It runs on gasoline and diesel fuel (BINAR 5S/BINAR 5S Diesel), on 12V and 24V (24V modification available only to BINAR 5S Diesel);
- Low fuel consumption;
- Self-diagnosis and outputting the display error.

All heaters supplies with full installation kits, that includes: air intake hose 80 cm with silencer, exhaust pipe 1 m with isolation 30 cm, fuel pipe 6 m, mounting bracket, coolant pump and pipe 2 m, fuel pump and fuel stand pipe, control panel (PU-27), muffler, tapered pipes, clamps, screws, wires etc.

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