About us

The modern world offers a wide range of options. This allows everyone to make the most appropriate choices based on significant criteria.

We, at Autoterm company, represent the autonomous heater manufacturer Advers in European countries. The company Advers is the third largest autonomous heater manufacturer in the world that develops and manufactures various kinds of automotive engine preheaters and air heaters for vehicles, boats and yachts as well as heater accessories.

Advers is a Russian company, whose production is well-known in the world for its high quality and flexible price policy. The original solutions developed by Advers significantly overcome the competitors offers in the respect of the product service life, safety, quality, operating costs and other essential parameters.

All Advers products offered on the European market are made in accordance with the effective legislation of European countries and the European Union as well as certified by the relevant European institutions. The installation and further maintenance of the products are provided by the authorised service centres, which also supply warranty and post-warranty services.

Autoterm LLC was established in 2012 and offers the following services:

  • product sale:
    • air heaters PLANAR for cars,
    • engine preheaters BINAR and 14TCmini,
    • PLANAR and BINAR heaters for boats and yachts,
    • heater parts,
    • accessories and heater remote controls;
  • product installation and maintenance at the manufacturer’s authorised service centres;
  • consultative support 24/7;
  • yacht and boat accessory production on the customer’s order on site in Latvia;
  • dealer training and certification.

Advantages of Autoterm LLC :

  • Professional, technical and quick information support for dealers and product users;
  • Full range of spare parts warehouse and fast particular spare parts supply;
  • a wide range of products available at the points of sale and on the e-commerce site;
  • individual and professional approach to each client;
  • direct communication with the manufacturer, which enables customers to submit their suggestions and ideas regarding new products and supplementation or improvement of functions of the existing products.